Live the Soccer Experience


In the beginning of our Soccer Clinics we set individual and team goals. A key goal emphasize by our Coaches is “Effort” and “Time”.Soccer can be a fantastic tool not just to teach a great sport, but also to teach “Life Long Lessons”. We take this opportunity to encourage our youth to achieve their goals by putting all their efforts and making sure they are within their control. Everyone wants to win, but that it is truly outside of the youth control, so we will focus in short term goals and long term goals, we will celebrate successes, and set up future goals when we fall short. Falling short help us learn and get better, But the big lesson on this is that regardless of the result hard work is its own reward.


It’s definitely the most important one.

Youth Rules

– Kickoffs
– Goal Kicks
– Offside
– Corner Kick
– Fouls
– Hand balls
– kicks etc…

Technical Skills we will work on:

– Ball Control
– Passing & Possession
– Positions – Defense Techniques
– Offense Techniques
– Shooting & Scoring Goals

Encouragement & Positive Relationships:

– Team mate system
– Reinforcement of gradual improvements
– Positive Opening & Closing Routines

We can’t wait to include your youth in our Soccer Clinics. Please call us for more information and we will be very happy to share it with you.


Our “GROUPS” Soccer Clinics are Monday thru Friday for Ages 6-13 years old.

Our times are:

6:00 pm to 7pm


-$80 for 8 clinics twice a week Please fill out and bring Soccer Clinic Registration Form.

One hour of training is provided by a certified coach.

Parents should bring the child to the designated time.


If you want private lesson we will be happy to arrange the date and time.

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